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Mission Statement

The Mission of Hoover School is to produce well-rounded, life long learners by providing a quality education, so that the students can become successful and productive members within their community.

Hoover School honors the whole child.  We strive to teach our students to be academically proficient, of strong character, and peaceful contributors of our world.  We believe that by working together, we can best provide our students an environment that promotes a sense of family, a reverence for culture and diversity, as well as a desire to get along with one another.  We have come together to agree upon these deeply felt beliefs:

  • We believe all children can achieve socially, emotionally, and academically.
  • We believe that reading is the primary underlying factor for success in education and life.
  • We believe all children can be taught to be peaceful and it is our job to be models of good character and positive attitude.
  • We believe that our individual and collective success is measured by student growth.
  • We believe that parent involvement increases student achievement and that it is our ongoing responsibility to develop and maintain strong home-school relationships.
  • We believe that both teaching and learning should be joyful processes.


Hoover School is located in the historic “uptown” area of Whittier.  We are one of ten elementary schools in the Whittier City School District.  Hoover School has an enrollment of 418 students in grades K-5.  The school is made up of 18 general education classes. Eleven percent of the student population is classified as English Learners (EL) with Spanish being the predominant home language.  Fifty percent of our students qualify to receive a free or reduced price lunch. Hoover students are 74.9% Hispanic, 19.6% White, 2.9% Asian, 1.4% African American, and 1.2% other ethnicities.


Students are provided strategies and tools to empower them to be responsible, life-long learners.  We  welcome parent and community participation as we continuously plan and implement curricular and developmental programs to meet the needs of every child. Within the school day we provide daily academic intervention and reading support.  After school, we provide homework help and enrichment through our Reach for the Stars and WYN Club programs.  With supplemental funds, we provide classroom music instruction and students in grades 3-5 can participate in our school chorus.  After school, students have the opportunity to learn to play musical instruments and participate in intramural sports. 


The Lou Henry Hoover School community of teachers, parents, paraprofessionals, and administrators is dedicated to providing students with a challenging, age-appropriate curriculum based on Whittier City School District standards, state standards, and current state frameworks.  Hoover educators receive on-going professional development to integrate best practices for classroom instruction into practice and to increase student achievement.